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Planning a Research Trip to Vietnam?

Have you come up with the idea of traveling to Vietnam, but don’t know how to plan it? The following travel guide may help your idea to go a bit further.

I highly recommend that you take a research trip to Vietnam before you decide to go through the process of moving your life there.

Recommended Cultural Reading: If you’re hoping to fully immerse in the local culture, then there a few good books you should read. The book Catfish and Mandala is a beautiful memoir of about a Vietnamese-American’s overland bicycle journey. Having learned history from the U.S. point of view, The Girl in the Picture provides a beautiful, haunting look at the war from the Vietnamese perspective. And to round it out, The Sorrow of War is a memoir from a North Vietnamese soldier and provides a different perspective on the war and the impact that the war has even to this day.
(Source Alittleadrift)

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