Ciputra villas for rent, facts and figures

Ciputra villas for rent, facts and figures

Ciputra Hanoi International City has long been known for its convenient location, dominant landscape utility, and excellent urban area management. This urban neighborhood was chosen as a residence for the elite, the first generation of affluent individuals following Vietnam's opening, and later became a popular location for foreigners working and residing in Hanoi.

This place is superior to any other metropolitan district in Hanoi because it has the most well-known international schools, including UNIS Hanoi, which is one of two UN schools in the world, Singapore International School and Hanoi Academy, with grades ranging from pre-school to high school. This is one of the primary reasons many families relocate to Ciputra to make it easier for their children to travel and study.

Ciputra projects include villas, houses and apartments. There are various phases for Villas in Ciputra, so far there have been three stages:

Phase 1: row C, D, and G, totaling 390 villas

Phase 2: row T1 to T9 with total 251 villas

Phase 3: most recently, row Q, K

The villas in Ciputra are created with flexible spaces:

The smallest area is 126m2 and is found in rows C2, C3, and C4.

180m2 in rows C1, C5 and T2, T4, T5

The corner villas at C1, C2, C3, C4, C5... have a total space of 198 m2.

VIP spaces of phase 1,2 are 300m2 in sections T3, C7, C1, D4, D5, D2, D3

A successfully-renovated villa in Ciputra phase 2

With extraordinarily huge areas of 410m2 and 443m2 in Phase 3, the villas in the Q area offer more fantastic possibilities. These villas feature a spacious yard with a little garden in front of the property, a huge living room and a gorgeous yard behind the house with a view to the greeny lake.

A huge living room in Ciputra Q villa

An optional choice is a medium-sized house in row K, with a common space of 140 sqm and corner units up to 250 sqm land size. This is Ciputra's most recent villa complex. which might be a fantastic option if you need an unfurnished or basically furnished house in good quality and modern style.

Even if the property has the smallest size, Ciputra villas are always featured with at least four bedrooms. The owners can remodel its structures according to their own tastes.

If you plan to purchase or rent a home in Ciputra, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Although it is an excellent project, the villas in Ciputra frequently have water leakage and wall dampness, particularly at the base of the wall or the attic ceiling, due to the lengthy building time. As a result, clients should buy or rent a renovated Ciputra house.
  • You should check the neighborhood to make sure it's not near any construction or maintenance work, and also that the neighbors don't have large dogs or roasters.
  • The primary door or window systems at Ciputra have degraded with time, resulting in poor noise or pest resistance. It is thus recommended to pick a property with a modern door system.
  • Many modest residences (less than 150 sqm) have broken the garage to double the size of the living space. If you can discover similar properties to rent, it would be fantastic.
  • You should be cautious about renting a property near a two-way road since it may be noisy or have a lot of traffic. A double-glazing window system is necessary for these homes.
  • If you have children, you might want to look for homes where the parents' and children's bedrooms are on the same floor so you can keep an eye on them.
  • Ciputra has a lot of trees and consequently a lot of insects, thus, you should ask the landlord to install anti-mosquito nets for the open doors.

When you look for villas for rent in Ciputra, these crucial facts may be helpful to you to some extent. For the finest guidance, please contact Hanoi Home via our Hotline Number: +84 919570330 (whatsapp/ Zalo).

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