Top 7 hot villa areas for rent in Ecopark, Hung Yen

Top 7 hot villa areas for rent in Ecopark, Hung Yen

Currently, Ecopark has many high-end villas with diverse areas, design styles and locations, helping tenants have more choices when renting villas here. Below is detailed information about the Top 7 villas at Ecopark

1. Ecopark Grand-The Island

The villas at Ecopark Grand - The Island is a new upscale villa community in Ecopark sought after by the elite. This villa area, designed by the leading global design firm, WATG, takes inspiration from palm leaves, with the island constructed like palm fronds extending from the main axis and surrounded by water on all four sides.


Ecopark Grand - The Island villas for rent


Ecopark Grand spans a total area of 60.4 hectares, with nearly 50% of this villa area being water bodies, 13% greenery, and the rest dedicated to standalone and semi-detached villas. Each villa is a private sanctuary, embraced by water and lush greenery. The interplay of various tree lines and verdant lawns creates a tiered effect, adding allure and mystique to the villas.

The island follows a resort-standard building density, comprising 284 villas divided into six smaller branches named after precious gemstones: Jade, Sapphire, Topaz, Asteria, Emerald, and Starlight.


  Orchid Marine Ice Tiffany Scarlet Coral Crystal
Land area 270 sq m 300 sq m 360 sq m 448-504 sq m 600 sq m 504-602 sq m 894-943 sq m


Exclusive Privacy: Strict security is ensured with perimeter surveillance around the area, including two security checkpoints at both ends of the main axis, a thermal sensor water security system, and 24/7 surveillance cameras.

Luxury Privileges: Enjoy resort-standard clubhouse facilities and Michelin-standard dining, along with personalized services and upscale lifestyle amenities.

This is the most prestigious villa area in Ecopark, hence the highest rental prices, ranging from $2600 to $4700 per month. At this price point, tenants can experience the best living spaces and amenities, which is strongly worth the investment.

2. Ha Lan Village Ecopark

Ha Lan Village at Ecopark embodies a rustic design, nestled along the banks of the Bac Hung Hai River, adjacent to the Park River shophouses and the Ecopark Grand The Island villa complex. The overall ambiance of Ha Lan Village exudes tranquility and charm, akin to a beautiful village straight out of a fairytale.


Villas for rent in Ha Lan Village Ecopark


Spanning across 8.5 hectares, Ha Lan Village Ecopark comprises 62% water bodies and greenery, with the remainder dedicated to various types of villas: standalone villas, semi-detached villas, and shophouses. The distinctive features of these villa types are as follows:


  Number of villas Area Number of floor
Detached villa 10 361 sq m Basement
Floor 1-2-3
Duplex villa 62 166 sq m Basement
Floor 1-2-3
Shophouse 35 88-128 sq m Basement
Floor 1-2-3-4


The villas are designed according to 10 unique architectural styles, complemented by lush greenery and serene canals, creating a peaceful and rustic scene amidst the bustling city.

Situated alongside the canals, these villas maintain a close connection with nature. Alongside the villas are quaint cafes, styled classically, tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the village, serving as favorite stopovers for Ecopark residents passing through.

3. Mimosa Ecopark villas for rent

Mimosa villas for rent in Ecopark


Mimosa Ecopark villa complex is in a prime location by the Aqua Bay lake, facing the Grand Park Tokyo Touch tower. Spanning over 8 hectares, Mimosa Ecopark is divided into three types of villas, as follows:


  Number of villa Land area Number of floor Types of room
Detached villa 6 400-712 sq m 3

- Multipurpose room

- Living room

- Dining room

- Kitchen

- 04 bedrooms

- 05 toilets

- Warehouse

- Laundry room

- Rooftop

Duplex villa 124 180–478 sq m 2

- 2 multi-purpose rooms

- Living room

- Kitchen and dining room

- Storage and laundry room

- 4 bedrooms

- 5 bathrooms

- Terrace

Commercial duplex villa 20 218-475 sqm 4

- Multi-purpose room

- Living room

- Kitchen and dining room

- 3 bedrooms

- 5 bathrooms

- Storage and laundry room


River-view duplex villa 26 189-297 sq m    


All villas at Mimosa Ecopark boast stunning and refreshing views of Aqua Bay. The overall villa complex is designed in a modern style, with beautiful landscapes lining the central lake. This area is also close to schools, hospitals, clinics, sports complexes, golf academies, and more. The Mimosa’s rental price ranges from $950 to $1700.

4. Marina villas for rent in Ecopark

Marina Ecopark villas are designed in a modern architectural style, spanning over 9.2 hectares and divided into three main villa types: standalone villas, semi-detached villas, and shophouses.


  Number of villas Area Number of floor Types of room
Detached villa 11 300-700 sq m 3

- Lobby

- 5 bedrooms

- 2 multi-purpose rooms

- Living room and dining room

- 6 toilets

- Rooftop

Duplex villa 64 189-302 sq m 3

- 4 bedrooms

- 2 multi-purpose rooms

- Lobby

- Living room and dining room

- 5 toilets

- 1 kitchen

Shophouse   218-457 sq m 3

- Lobby 4 bedrooms

- 2 multi-purpose rooms

- Living room and dining room

- 7 toilets

- 1 stove


The refined lines and emphasis on open space contribute to the luxurious and airy atmosphere of the villas at Marina Ecopark. The average rental price of each villa at Marina Ecopark is about 35 million VND, equivalent to 1,400 $


Marina Ecopark villas for expats

5. Park River Ecopark Villas

Park River Ecopark is not only an ideal living space but also a symbol of harmony between humans and nature. Park River spans 10.8 hectares, with 46% dedicated to greenery and roadways.

Architecture in Park River Ecopark emphasizes comfort and modernity, with villas designed to maximize natural light and green spaces. This not only provides a sense of comfort but also creates a sustainable living environment, aligning with EcoPark's project philosophy of environmental conservation and community development.


Park River villa for rent in Ecopark


The villa area is triangular, with two sides bordering the Bac Hung Hai River and a reservoir.


Types of villa Shophouse Garden house River view shophouse Lakeside villa Duplex villa Centre villa Special villa
Area 80 sq m
112 sq m
200 sq m

135 sq m

175 sq m

230 sq m
250 sq m
310 sq m 189 sq m
220 sq m
> 400 sq m >660 sq m


Apartments at Park River Ecopark come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 80 sqm to over 660 sqm. Due to the diversity in villa types and sizes, rental prices for villas at Park River typically range from $850 to $1,600 per month on average. However, for villas with custom designs and high-quality furnishings, the rental prices may be higher.

6. Vuon Tung Ecopark

Vuon Tung villas are near Pho Truc, Rung Co apartment complex, and Summer park. They are designed in a modern style.

The highlight of the Vuon Tung villa area is the clubhouse exclusively designed for the residents of the villas here. The clubhouse spans 1 hectare and includes a swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, gym, outdoor event space, restaurant, sauna, and more. With investments in modern infrastructure, facilities, and high-quality services, the Vuon Tung Clubhouse exudes the beauty and style of high-end resorts.


Vuon Tung Ecopark villas for rent, near BUV


The Vuon Tung villa area spans a total area of 11 hectares and comprises a total of 210 villas, divided into three main types: standalone villas, semi-detached villas, and riverside villas.


  Area Number of floor Numbe of room
Detached villa 160-900 sq m 2-3 3-4
Duplex 160–220 sq m 2,5-3 3
Riverside villa 300-900 sq m 2,5-3 3


All the villas have garages, catering to families with cars, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation. Rental prices for luxury villas in the Vườn Tùng Ecopark area range from $1000 to nearly $3000, depending on factors such as size, villa orientation, current house condition, quality of furnishings, and the landlord's interior decoration style. This area is a popular choice among experts and teachers from international schools in Ecopark during their time working in Vietnam.

7. Vuon Mai Ecopark

Vuon Mai villas are adjacent to Spring Park and Pho Cuc. The villas in Vuon Mai Ecopark follow a similar model to those in the Vuon TungEcopark, featuring modern and luxurious designs that seamlessly integrate with nature. Vuon Ecopark is planned over a total area of 7.6 hectares, consisting of three main types of villas: standalone villas, semi-detached villas, and riverside standalone villas.

  Area Numbe of floor Number of room
Detached villa 300-600 sq m 3 3-4
Duplex villa 160-220 sq m 3 3
Riverside villa 300-900 sq m 2,5 - 3 3


The villas in Vuon Mai Ecopark are also designed with car garages to protect residents' vehicles. Rental prices for Vuon Mai Ecopark villas typically range from $1000 to $2400 on average.


Vuon Mai villas for rent in Ecopark


Overall, Ecopark is considered one of the areas with attractive villa rentals for many expats in Hanoi. Besides teachers from schools, it is also a residential and recreational area favored by the upper class, who appreciate green living spaces and various amenities. Rental costs for each villa in Ecopark vary, catering to different tenants' needs. To learn more about luxury villa rentals in Ecopark, please contact Hanoi Home or call directly at +84 919 570 330.

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