Spacious villas for rent under $2000 in VinHomes Riverside Long Bien

Spacious villas for rent under $2000 in VinHomes Riverside Long Bien

Discover the epitome of luxury living with our selection of spacious villas for rent under $2000 at VinHomes Riverside Long Bien. Explore elegant residences boasting ample space, modern amenities, and the tranquility of riverside living, all within your budget.

1. Fully furnished villas under $2000

Fully furnished villas costing less than $2,000 per month are often concentrated in Anh Dao, Nguyet Que, Phong Lan areas and a few scattered in Hoa Sua areas. The common characteristic of these subdivisions is that most of the Units have been fully furnished by the homeowner, with a yard and garden. The area of ​​the villa under $2000 will be 180sqm or less

Below are pictures of a few beautiful and spacious villas from $1,000 to $2,000 for your reference:


Spacious villa for rent in Anh Dao VinHomes Riverside

This is a large villa in Anh Dao VinHomes Riverside with 03 bright bedrooms and 03 modern bathrooms. Anh Dao villas are inspired by the Japanese style, the details are not too fussy but delicate. This is one of the villas that accepts pets such as cats and dogs.

It takes a few minutes to bike to British International School, so this villa suits those working and studying at BIS. The interior of the house is equipped with quality products to best meet the needs of tenants. One of the most popular features of this villa is that all rooms have windows, making the space always bright and pleasant.


Nguyet Que villa for rent in Vinhomes Riverside under $1000

A villa that impresses with its high-quality wooden furniture and very reasonable arrangement. The living room boasts an open-plan design, fostering a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Each bedroom exudes coziness, with beds styled to complement the interior aesthetic.

Spanning 90sqm and comprising 03 bedrooms and 03 bathrooms, every corner of this villa is meticulously crafted by the landlord to optimize functionality and enhance living space. The villas in the Nguyet Que VinHomes Riverside will be located near the lake, so the air is cool in summer and airy in winter. With an area of ​​90sqm, this is a suitable place for a family of 3-4 members.


Hoa Phuong villa for rent under $1000 in VinHomes

With costs ranging from 1500 US$ to 2000 US$, you can also refer to this homely villa in Hoa Phuong VinHomes Riverside with full amenities. The villa has an area of ​​150m2, 03 bedrooms, 04 bathrooms. The kitchen and living room are equipped with furniture and the necessary basic living appliances.

There are open views with many green trees from the balconies. This villa is for rent at a reasonable cost with great living space and top services at VinHomes Riverside.

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2. Beautiful villas with river access under $2000


Beautiful villa for rent with river access

This luxury villa is located along the Vinhome River. The four sides surrounding the villa are used to plant trees, create green spaces, and purify the air.

Anh Dao Villa has 3 floors, built on a land area of ​​283m2, where tenants will have the highest quality living space with enough trees, water surface, enough connection but still have private space for family.

On weekends, organizing small parties or a barbecue in the backyard is a fantastic idea. The homeowner has prepared tables and chairs so you can enjoy the romantic river-view space.


Large villa for rent in Hoa Sua VinHomes

If you like a villa with spacious garden space, this is a great choice. This villa is located in the Hoa Sua VinHomes Riverside, with a land area of ​​270sqm with a big yard that can be used for parking and as a play area for children. Besides, behind the villa is a very airy garden, overlooking the river behind the villa.

The tenants enjoy abundant natural light streaming through large windows in every room of this villa. Each of the 04 bedrooms features a dressing room, office space, and a private bathroom for the utmost comfort and convenience. Situated on Hoa Sua street, this villa offers a highly convenient location, especially for those attending BIS school. Furthermore, residents can always rely on the readily available amenities to cater to their needs.

3. Rental prices of villas for rent in VinHomes Riverside in 2024

VinHomes Long Bien is a high-end urban area with many amenities to serve residents: Vincom Center, Almaz Convention and Wedding Center, outdoor playground for children, BBQ garden specially designed for picnics and barbecues, 2 swimming pools, an international standard golf practice field, an outdoor sports complex with 2 soccer fields and 6 tennis courts... Along with that is a school system from kindergarten to high school.

For foreign experts and families with children studying at British International School or Vinschool, villas for rent in this area will bring convenience in both work and personal life.

The villas here are diverse in area, design style, and rental price to meet the needs of renters with different budgets. Normally, the price to rent an entire villa with full furniture will range from 1,300 US$ to 5,000 US$. After the Covid period, many landlords increased rent by 20% to 25%.

Currently, Hanoi Home has a rich source of villas for rent in Hanoi with the desire to provide customers with the ideal living spaces that best match their requirements.

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