New waves of Ciputra apartments for rent

New waves of Ciputra apartments for rent

In recent years, Ciputra apartments for rent have always been in the top housing areas that are interested by many expats who need long-term accommodation in Hanoi. Currently, homeowners have invested in renovating and redecorating apartments to meet the demand for high-quality apartments at the best prices. Below is information to help you find the best apartments for rent in Ciputra Hanoi.

1. Reasons why Ciputra apartments are favored by many foreign experts

Ciputra Hanoi resembles a miniature metropolis nestled within the bustling heart of Hanoi. Below are the outstanding advantages of Ciputra Hanoi urban area that foreign experts choose when living and working in Vietnam:

  • Located in a prime location surrounded by important roads such as Vo Chi Cong, Pham Van Dong, Nhat Tan Bridge, Thang Long Bridge,... This location is convenient for residents to go to Noi Bai airport and the city center
  • Diversity of amenities for residents such as swimming pool, gym, restaurants, cafes, post office, banks, golf courses, pedestrian paths, children's play areas, supermarkets, grocery stores chemistry,... In particular, many leading international schools for students from elementary to high school are located within urban areas such as United Nations International School (UNIS), Singapore International School (SIS), Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School (HAS), Sunshine Maple Bear International School,…
  • The living environment is green and fresh thanks to the lawns and rows of trees. Ciputra is also located near West Lake and Red River so the air is cool. Many high-floor apartments with lake views bring a relaxing feeling when coming home.
  • Reasonable apartment rental costs, with diverse areas, suitable for many different needs.

​​2. New apartments for rent in Ciputra Hanoi

Although Ciputra urban area was put into operation in 2012, Ciputra The Link is a newly built luxury apartment complex with 5 buildings.

Ciputra The Link L1 and L2 are 20 floors high with apartments ranging from 114sqm to 267sqm. The apartments have 3 to 5 bedrooms, suitable for families or sharing with a group of friends. A balcony with a swimming pool view and tennis court view will be a plus point for apartments in these two buildings.


L1 Ciputra Hanoi modern apartment for rent


L3-4-5 apartment buildings are 21 floors high with 2-3 bedrooms per apartment. There are suitable apartments if you want to stay alone or with 2-3 friends. These buildings are even newer phases of Ciputra The Link compared to L1/L2 ones.

The cost of renting an apartment here ranges from 500US$ to more than 3,000US$ per month depending on size, number of bedrooms, and interior quality.

More: L1 Ciputra apartments for rent

3. Newly-renovated Ciputra Hanoi apartments for rent

Renovating apartments and renting them at reasonable prices will help Ciputra Hanoi attract a large number of experts and foreign tourists from the beginning of 2024. If you are looking for an apartment near the International market, please refer to The Parklane P1-P2 apartment building, all Concord E1 luxury apartments, and Meridian E4-E5 luxury apartment buildings.

The Parklane P1 and P2 Ciputra Hanoi apartment buildings include apartments with an area of ​​145 sqm and 182 sqm, equivalent to 3 to 4 bedrooms. Most apartments are fully furnished, rental prices range from 800 US$ to 2,500 US$ per month.


P2 Ciputra apartment for rent by Hanoi Home


Along with The Parklane, E1-E4-E5 Ciputra Hanoi are also highly sought-after buildings at present. Apartment building E1 is close to Vo Chi Cong Street, including 2 types of apartments 123sqm and 153 sqm (3-4 bedrooms). The apartments at buildings E4 and E5 are located near SIS and HAS schools, residents can walk to school every day without using public transport. The cost of renting apartments E1-E4-E5 ranges from 750 US$ to 2,400 US$ per month.

High-floor apartments with beautiful views and newly painted and changed furniture make this price considered suitable for the wishes of many renters.

These are all apartment buildings with renovated apartments and new interiors, so most of the rental apartments look very new and suitable for the rental price. Proactively renovating the apartment shows the homeowner's diligence and the increasing trend of renting luxury apartments at Ciputra International Hanoi.

4. How to find good price apartments for rent in Ciputra

For foreign experts and tourists coming to Vietnam, proactively contacting landlords to rent a house is very difficult and can easily cause problems. To avoid trouble in a new country below is a good suggestion for you.

- Contact reputable brokerage companies specializing in renting apartments, houses, and villas in Hanoi to rent a suitable place. There are a few advantages when you choose to find a house through brokers:

  • Companies have extensive experience in negotiating and helping you resolve problems with landlords when necessary.
  • Reputable brokerage companies will ensure you have quality apartments at the best prices, preventing you from renting rundown apartments at too high prices.
  • You will be guaranteed full rights to use internal facilities.
  • In case you cannot continue to live until the contract expires, the brokerage companies will try their best to assist you in reducing the cost of breaching the contract.
  • Reputable, long-standing brokerage companies will have more housing sources  Compared to newly-established brokerage companies or your self-search.

Hanoi Home is one of the most reputable brokerage companies currently trusted and chosen by many experts from Embassies, International schools, and Multinational corporations. With more than 10 years of experience, we always ensure to provide customers accommodation suitable for the cost, convenient for work, qualified for housing, and best service.

 Find us at or our Hotline at 0919570330 for support

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